4M Ultraplus HighPurity™ - Packed Full of Possibilities

Cogent continues to revolutionise the sexed semen sector, with the aim to produce high-quality, high-performance genetics for the dairy and beef industries.

4M Ultraplus HighPurity™ provides farmers with:

  • 4 million sperm cells in each straw
  • a 14% conception rate increase compared to original gender-sorted technology
  • 96-97% gender accuracy – whether selecting for female dairy calves or male beef calves.

That is a monumental improvement on other technologies that can only provide 85% accuracy and even our own standard product that offers 90% gender accuracy.

STgenetics® have invested heavily and put forth many hours of research and field trials in order to perfect the 4M Ultraplus HighPurity™ product. This breakthrough brings opportunity, accuracy, and profitability to the modern-day farmer.

“Following the global success of our Ultraplus® semen, our technology has continued to evolve to a place where it can now produce this elite semen, 4M Ultraplus HighPurity™ which is an incredible testament to our dedicated R&D team and their ability to improve processes and technology. We are excited to offer 4M Ultraplus HighPurity™ to the dairy producers who have been asking for a more accurate and precise product” explains STgenetics®’s CEO, Juan Moreno.

For more information on our 4M Ultraplus HighPurity bulls please contact your Genetic Consultant.

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