Cogent partnered with Pathway in 2019 with the aim to supply quality beef products to the end user by working with luxury retailer M&S.

Quality genetics are at the start of any supply chain and Cogent breed bulls specifically to meet the requirements for beef consumption as well as ease of management for the farmer.

Pathway takes dairy X beef calves and takes them all the way to the end consumer, aiming to improve taste, looks and reducing carbon footprint through the best use of genetics. Identifying the very best Angus sires and providing feedback on calf data provides profitability for not only the dairy farmer but throughout the supply chain.

Through the Pathway partnership with M&S, we are now able to analyse data throughout the animals whole life and feed that back to dairy farmers.

For more information on meeting the Pathway criteria for Aberdeen Angus calves visit or contact or 01989 495101.

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