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Our entire Precision suite is designed to increase efficiencies on-farm to create a streamlined, profitable and fertile dairy herd. Working hand in hand with our quality genetics and advanced sexed semen product Sexed Ultraplus, the Precision package lends itself to our Ultimate Breeding Strategy.

Our Ultimate Breeding Strategy involves using sexed semen on the highest genetic merit cows in your herd to ensure you are breeding the very best replacements; and adding value by using elite beef semen on the rest. Whether you are genomic testing to increase selection intensity or using our PrecisionMATCH mating programme, Cogent Precision services will have a package that suits you and your herd requirements.

We want cows that are productive, efficient and profitable, and the use of this Cogent Precision data management system allows them to be. It is a simple and effective solution.

Ben Yates Manor Farm Dairy, Somerset

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Be sure that every cow in your herd is maximising its potential. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the range of services we offer take a look at our Precision brochure.


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