Your next steps in genetic advancement are as important to us as they are to you, which is why for our customers who are looking to squeeze every last drop of potential from their gene pool we created the Legend programme.

Our Legend bulls give our customers a head-start over the rest of the industry, whilst being part of our proprietary breeding programme you have the chance to work with Cogent to breed the next generation of bulls and promote British genetics around the world.

Our mission is simple, to provide innovative solutions to further push genetic progression with industry-leading bulls, bioinformatics and technology. Combining these with the industry's best sexed product, Ultraplus and Legend genetics, the rate of improvement has no ceiling.

Legend herds experience three times the genetic gain over their contemporaries, meaning you can make more progress in a single generation than ever before.

Will Barber Holstein Product Manager

Our collection of Legend bulls are your number one source of elite genetics, combined with the Ultimate Breeding Strategy, your genetic advancement can accelorate to new levels.

Historic and Current Legend Sires:

Sire Name Sire Stack Legend Entry Legend Exit
Hurtgenlea Richard Charl Charley x Yoda x Supersire 12/2017 08/2023
Mr Dynasty Nashville Dynasty x Nominee x Robust 08/2018 04/2021
Delicious Charl Hardball Charl x Supersire x Montross 04/2020 12/2021
Genosource Captain Charl x Sabre x Ahead 04/2020 Present
Genosource Jesse James Nashville x Dynamo x Silver 08/2021 12/2021
STGen Cap Indi Captain x Dedicate x Dearing 08/2021 08/2023
San-Dan Twitch Maze Twitch x Charl x Dante 12/2021 04/2022
San-Dan Twitch Morning Twitch x Charl x Dante 12/2021 12/2022
STGen Heir Xerox Heir x Charl x Frazzled 12/2021 04/2023
AOT Lariat Hannity Lariat x Seaglass x Delta 12/2021 08/2023
Genosource Cap Levoy Captain x Charl x Delta 04/2022 Present
Cogent Koepon Rolo Captain x Lawson x Hotline 04/2022 08/2022
Pine-Tree Cap Cruzer Captain x Coffee x Burley 04/2022 04/2023
Cogent Koepon Rocky Captain x Kenobi x Topshot 04/2022 Present
Genosource Sheriff Captain x Solution x Redrock 08/2022 08/2023
STGen Outreach Outcome x Charl x Rubicon 08/2022 Present
SDG-Ph Deluxe Dominance Deluxe x Pursuit x Achiever 08/2022 Present
STGen Cowen Thorson Cowen x Charl x Director 08/2022 Present
T-Spruce Gameon Gameday x Lionel x Yoder 12/2022 Present
Genosource Illusion Bigshot x Guzman x Dynamo 12/2022 Present
DG Tiq Taq Captain x Charl x Jedi 04/2023 Present
Cogent B Antonio Outcome x Rapid x Hotline 04/2023 Present
DG Stewart Captain x SubZero x Doc 08/2023 Present

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