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The 100% Natural Colostrum Replacer

CompleteSTART Colostrum is a full-fat, 100% bovine colostrum replacer for when high-quality maternal colostrum is unavailable or insufficient. Designed to provide newborn calves with the essential nutrients they need to ensure a strong start for every calf.

Colostrum is the first milk produced by cows after giving birth and is rich in antibodies, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Calves are born with little to no immunity and acquire the necessary antibodies by drinking colostrum in the first 24 hours after birth. Therefore, colostrum is crucial for the passive transfer of immunity from the mother to the calf, protecting against diseases and promoting overall health. The quality of colostrum a newborn calf receives within the first few hours of its life will greatly impact the future health, quality and performance of the calf.


  • Composition: CompleteSTART is made of 100% pure, full-fat bovine colostrum and contains 48% protein and 23% fat making it a great energy source while preserving all crucial bioactive substances
  • Consistency and Quality: Unlike fresh maternal colostrum – which can vary greatly in volume and quality depending on breed, parity, vaccination, milking numbers, time after calving, stress and disease – CompleteSTART offers a consistent and reliable source of essential nutrients and immune factors
  • Convenience and Ease of Use: CompleteSTART is easy to prepare and administer, ensuring every calf gets the best start without the hassle of collecting and managing fresh colostrum
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures: Our colostrum undergoes thorough pasteurization and filtration processes to ensure it is free from TB, EBL, IBR and JOHNES, as well as other contaminants


To maximise the benefits of colostrum for your calves we recommend following the 3Qs of colostrum management – quickly, quality and quantity.

  • Quickly: calves must be fed colostrum within one to two hours after being born, and legally within six hours
  • Quality: the colostrum the calves intake must be high quality (with a BRIX score of more than 22%)
  • Quantity: calves need to ingest two to four litres of colostrum in each feeding, or 10-12% of the calf’s body weight

For best results you should also consider Quiet and Clean, and ensure calves are fed colostrum in a clean environment with minimal stress to ensure efficient antibody absorption.


The failure of passive immunity transfer (FPIT) to calves due to inadequate colostrum ingestion within the first hours of their lives can lead to higher chances of calf death, scour and Bovine Respiratory Disease. It also results in lower average daily gain (ADG) and can impact milk production later in life.

Research has found that the average total cost per calf with FPIT is €60 for dairy farmers and €80 for beef farmers[1]. A report on the economic impact of diseases on beef cattle in England found that an outbreak of scour in a suckler herd costs around £60 per animal[2]. It has been estimated that 130kg of milk is lost per day due to scour. Using high-quality colostrum replacers like CompleteSTART can lead to healthier calves, reducing veterinary costs and improving overall farm profitability.

After all the hard work you put into selecting the right genetics for your herd, you need to ensure you give your calves the best start to life. CompleteSTART Colostrum is just one more link in the chain of a more profitable herd.

[1] Raboisson, D., Trillat, P., & Cahuzac, C. (2016). Failure of Passive Immune Transfer in Calves: A Meta-Analysis on the Consequences and Assessment of the Economic Impact. PLoS ONE, 11(3).

[2] ADAS Economic Impact of Health and Welfare Issues in Beef Cattle and Sheep in England (2012)

We are excited to introduce CompleteSTART Colostrum, a high-quality, full-fat, 100% bovine colostrum replacer. It ensures newborn calves receive essential nutrients for a strong start, offering a reliable source of vital immune factors and energy. This addition underscores our commitment to enhancing the Cogent Difference in animal health and farm profitability.

Craig Watson - UK Sales Manager

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