Chromosomal mating

Chromosomal Mating: Enhancing Livestock Breeding for Profitability

Since its market debut in October 2018, Chromosomal Mating® has made a significant impact in 48 countries, benefiting more than 1,800 farms and facilitating the mating of over 3.8 million females. This revolutionary mating solution leverages high-precision genomic evaluations to identify optimal mating pairs, ensuring the production of highly profitable progeny.

Why Choose Chromosomal Mating®?

Chromosomal Mating® stands out due to its unique approach, focusing on maximising economic traits while addressing the challenges of inbreeding depression. Inbreeding can significantly impact the traits we aim to improve, making it essential to quantify its economic implications when making mating decisions.

Key Benefits of Chromosomal Mating®:

  • Genomic Precision: Harnessing the power of genomic testing, Chromosomal Mating® delivers unparalleled accuracy in selecting mating pairs.
  • Optimised Genetic Gain: By strategically pairing dairy and beef animals, this solution maximises genetic progress and profitability.
  • Inbreeding Mitigation: Chromosomal Mating® carefully accounts for and manages inbreeding depression, ensuring a healthier and more profitable next generation.

Cogent PrecisionMATCH in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the Cogent PrecisionMATCH team of evaluators relies on the Chromosomal Mating program to provide unmatched genetic progress and enhance the overall efficiency of dairy and beef farming operations. Discover how Chromosomal Mating® can revolutionise your breeding strategy and boost profitability.

Chromasomal mating helped us to breed more profitable cows.

Martin and Dan Chivers Parsloe Farm, Wiltshire


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