Are you aiming to enhance your breeding strategy and optimize profits? Look no further than our PrecisionDNA genomic testing – a potent, personalized tool engineered to guide you in making well-informed breeding decisions. Unlike traditional methods relying on parent averages, genomic testing provides a more accurate estimate of an animal's genetic potential, with a precision that is 35% higher.

Here are some key benefits of incorporating PrecisionDNA genomic testing into your breeding program:

  • Reliable Animal Identification: Easily distinguish top-performing and underperforming animals in your herd.
  • Boost Genetic Gain: Quickly elevate your herd's genetic potential, accelerating overall genetic progress.
  • Tailored Selection: Apply focused selection pressure on traits that align with your specific breeding goals.
  • Prevent Inbreeding: Safeguard against detrimental genetic conditions and the risks associated with inbreeding.

PrecisionDNA serves as the cornerstone of our Ultimate Breeding Strategy. This innovative approach involves using Ultraplus sexed semen on the highest genetic merit cows in your herd, identified through PrecisionDNA genomic testing. This strategic method not only ensures the breeding of top replacements but also adds value by using beef semen on the remaining herd. Elevate your breeding endeavors with PrecisionDNA and unlock the potential for unparalleled success in genetic improvement.


Experience the simplicity and efficiency of genomic testing with PrecisionDNA. Our commitment to excellence extends to continually developing new methods that enhance your testing experience, ensuring that you have access to the best-value test in the market.

With PrecisionDNA, we strive to make the genomic testing process straightforward and user-friendly, providing you with accurate and actionable insights to inform your breeding decisions. Stay at the forefront of genetic advancements with a testing solution designed to deliver value and efficiency for your breeding program.

When you choose genomic testing with PrecisionDNA, you gain access to a comprehensive set of features designed to elevate your breeding experience:

  • Support Throughout the Process: Receive top-tier breeding advisory service from our dedicated Genetic Consultants.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Benefit from the fastest-evolving technology, including automated submission through access to your milk records or farm software.
  • Advanced Genomic Chip (70K SNP): Leverage the power of our advanced genomic chip, featuring 70,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).
  • Comprehensive Marker Package: Enjoy our innovative laboratory's 26 markers at no extra cost, covering milk proteins, EcoFeed, and a variety of fertility markers.
  • Notification of Incorrect Parentage: Rest assured with our system that notifies you of any potential issues related to incorrect parentage.
  • Over 50+ Traits: Access information on a wide range of traits, including production, health, wellness, type, and management.
  • TPI, NM$, LPI & Conformation Evaluations: Nominate your animals for evaluations in the U.S. or Canada at any time.
  • Results Portal: Easily track tested animals and rank them using our custom indexes based on your milk contract.
  • Milk Recording Data: Utilize PrecisionMAP to identify genetic gain and benchmark your herd using milk recording data.

PrecisionDNA ensures that your genomic testing experience is not only simple and efficient but also rich in features that empower you to make informed breeding decisions. Stay at the forefront of genetic advancements with a testing solution that combines cutting-edge technology, comprehensive trait coverage, and ongoing support from our team of experts.


Introducing PrecisionDNA+, a cutting-edge tag and test product resulting from the collaboration between Cogent and AllFlex™, a MSD Global company. PrecisionDNA+ revolutionizes the genomic testing process, making it more convenient and cost-effective. With our innovative tissue identification tags, you can effortlessly collect a genomic tissue sample during calf tagging, leaving us to handle the entire process without any additional data submission requirements.

Key Benefits of PrecisionDNA+ Tags:

  • Improved Welfare: Reduce the number of ear punches per calf, contributing to enhanced animal welfare.
  • Simplified Data Submission: For those utilizing milk recording or management software, eliminate the need for separate data submission.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Cogent customers enjoy exclusive discounts on PrecisionDNA+ tags.

We offer a diverse range of tags, including tissue sampling tags, Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) tags, Electronic Identification (EID) tags, management tags, button tags, and Qwicksilvers.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, stay tuned for the upcoming launch of Genetic Visions' one-vial DNA & BVD test. This advancement will further streamline the testing process, saving you valuable time and reducing overall costs on tags and testing.

For inquiries about PrecisionDNA genomic testing or to explore PrecisionDNA+ tags, contact your local Genetic Consultant or email precisiondna@cogentuk.com. Elevate your genomic testing experience with PrecisionDNA+.


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Having access to genomic information is helpful, as genomic data identifies the best performing animals before they calve. This also ensures only the best are retained, whereas in the past some of these may have been unknowingly sold.

John Sprackman Pound House Farm

As we increase our herd, we want to become more and more productive as well as resilient. Genomic testing is a game changer for the industry and breeding from your best genetics is vital.

Darren Furse Westcott Farm, Devon

I tested twin heifers and to my amazement there was a staggering 280kg difference in their milk productions

Ed Seaton Cheshire

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