Precision DNA provides the ultimate in female genomic testing for dairy farmers and now with the addition of our EcoFeed index, breeding decisions can be made based on the feed efficiency of individual animals, creating a more efficient and profitable herd.

EcoFeed is an index that measures feed conversion, which permit genetic gains for the next generation. Studies have shown that high EcoFeed heifers consume up to 24% less feed per day. Ecofeed is available on your genomic results through PrecisionDNA.

Genomic information is invaluable in selection; its availability for females will allow the identification of those individuals which will make a lasting contribution to the profitability of your herd. Precision DNA uses the latest in scientific technologies, with results expertly interpreted by your local breeding advisor, this means you are making the most informed decision available for your herd.

By taking a small tissue sample from an animal’s ear, PrecisionDNA can translate it into a comprehensive, genomic prediction based on production, health and conformation to ensure the best animals within the herd are accurately defined. We sample a medium density 70K chip, the 70K chip provides a level of detail and reliability that producers haven’t been able to access before particularly when there are breed conflicts within an animal. This gives a far more accurate idea of the genetic potential of your heifers from as early as a few weeks old, when compared to the average 50K or 9K chip. A Parent Average (or Pedigree Index) has a typical reliability of around 30-35%, and that’s without accounting for errors in parent identification. By using the 70K chip, we can increase that reliability to 65-70%, depending on which trait we are measuring.

It is important to be aware of, and to identify negatively correlated haplotypes as they can affect fertility.

As of 2019, PrecisionDNA now has a wider array of markers at a very competitive price.

Precision Tag & Test

Precision DNA now introduces Tag & Test. Test for BVD whilst genomic testing, all by tagging your calves.


Having access to genomic information is helpful, as genomic data identifies the best performing animals before they calve. This also ensures only the best are retained, whereas in the past some of these may have been unknowingly sold.

John Sprackman Pound House Farm

As we increase our herd, we want to become more and more productive as well as resilient. Genomic testing is a game changer for the industry and breeding from your best genetics is vital.

Darren Furse Westcott Farm, Devon

I tested twin heifers and to my amazement there was a staggering 280kg difference in their milk productions

Ed Seaton Cheshire

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