PrecisionMAP is an extensive data analysis of each individual cows performance, benchmarked against the farms actual milk contract. It ranks the herd using a financial custom index that incorporates all of the factors that affect farm profitability.

Containing a breeding tool that includes sire selection based on your herd and animal ranking, this package ensures every cow reaches it’s potential.

Comprises of the following, all on a herd specific basis

  • Animal performance summary
  • Sire performance summary
  • Production traits
  • Health and fertility
  • Functionality
  • Ultimate breeding strategy
  • Financial return
  • Sire selector
  • Animal selector

PrecisionMAP is a customised herd audit which shows genetic trends and a tool to help you plan for the future. It allows you to select your best genetics in the herd to use alongside a sexed and beef strategy, by selecting the top quality animals to breed replacements from and allocating beef semen to the rest.

The PrecisionMAP tool looks at the requirements of our Arla/Tesco milk contract, combined with each cow’s performance and conformation data, allowing me to identify genetic trends and therefore areas of genetic gain within my herd.

Rodney Down Higher Wrantage Farm

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