PrecisionMAP: Custom Herd Analysis for Improved Farm Profitability

PrecisionMAP offers comprehensive data analysis for evaluating the performance of each individual cow on your farm, all benchmarked against your specific milk contract. Our unique financial custom index considers all factors affecting your farm's profitability to rank your herd effectively.

Key features of PrecisionMAP:

1. Breeding Tool: Make informed sire selections tailored to your herd and animal rankings to ensure each cow reaches its maximum potential.

2. Herd-Specific Insights: PrecisionMAP provides the following insights on a herd-specific basis:

  • Animal performance summary
  • Sire performance summary
  • Production traits
  • Health and fertility
  • Functionality
  • Ultimate breeding strategy
  • Financial return
  • Sire selector
  • Animal selector

3. Genetic Trends: This customised herd audit reveals genetic trends and helps you plan for the future.

4. Optimised Breeding Strategy: Choose the best genetics in your herd for breeding replacements, complemented by a sexed and beef strategy. Select top-quality animals for breeding and allocate beef semen strategically.

Enhance your farm's profitability with PrecisionMAP - your tailored solution for data-driven, future-oriented farming.

The PrecisionMAP tool looks at the requirements of our Arla/Tesco milk contract, combined with each cow’s performance and conformation data, allowing me to identify genetic trends and therefore areas of genetic gain within my herd.

Rodney Down Higher Wrantage Farm


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