Signature Beef

uk list

Name Breed
Auchenlay Notorious New British Blue
Gouldingpoll 1 Stockman New Hereford
Goulding Razzle Dazzle Aberdeen Angus
Whitecliffe Orwell Charolais
Twemlows Nostradamus Limousin
Popes Jasper 18 Simmental
Esgair Uchelwr (Nobleman) Stabiliser
Tirion Stabiliser
Blelack Leicester T857 Aberdeen Angus
Wirruna Lennon Hereford
Netherhall 1 Jack P602 Hereford
Elite Lacette Limousin
Elite Lacette Limousin
Givendale Black Oswald Stabiliser
Resolution Stabiliser
EDW Gwilym (UP) Welsh Black
Sportsman S191 Stabiliser
Givendale Nemesis N294 Stabiliser
Weighton Wold Merlin Stabiliser
Givendale Lorenzo L209 Stabiliser
Crugeran Llewelyn Stabiliser
Black Premiere P215 Stabiliser
Stan The Man Stabiliser
Sas Javelin South Devon
Wonderboy Simmental
Coose Jericho (P) Simmental
Popes Grandslam 15 Simmental
Coose Gambler (P) Simmental
Ballinalare Farm Galaxy 15 Simmental
Woodhall Ferrari 14 Simmental
Brookwood Alla King Simmental
Manor Lane Krypton Salers
Bacardi Herbie Salers
Whitebog Convener Salers
Saxon Murray Grey
Newhouse Fullback Limousin
Orinocho Of Over Barskeoch Galloway
Forde Abbey Omega Devon
Kelowna Johnnie British Blue
Red Zorro P728 Aberdeen Angus
Red Zavier P722 Aberdeen Angus
Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy M024 Hereford
Rawburn Edge J983 Aberdeen Angus
Muwarra Mustang (P) Hereford
Oakchurch De Admiral P164 Aberdeen Angus
Gouldingpoll Goldspice Hereford
SMH King Size 87K Hereford
Tomschoice Jet Limousin
Gerrygullinane Glen Limousin
Romany 1 Lawbreaker RE L23 (P) Hereford
Brutus Hashtag Limousin
Barnsford Ferny Charolais
Dooley Lewis Charolais
Alwent Goldbar Charolais
Netherhall Jackpot Limousin
Bridge Elmo British Blonde
Rothesay Eildon E238 Beef Shorthorn
Meonhill Fire Fox Beef Shorthorn
Red Spirit P361 Aberdeen Angus
Vigilant De-Tohogne British Blue
Bedgebury Kent British Blue
Rawburn Black Bush Aberdeen Angus
Quaker Hill Dead Center Aberdeen Angus
Linton Gilbertines Preacher S088 Aberdeen Angus
Titus P466 Aberdeen Angus
Alphabet De Beauffaux British Blue
Chapelton Kingsley Beef Shorthorn
Weeton Panther S498 Aberdeen Angus
Prince Constable S844 Aberdeen Angus
Tanat Lotto British Blue
Our priority is to find an easy calving sire that produces progeny with exceptional growth rates and potential. Cogent have provided us with just that!
Gilchrist Family West Meikle Pinkerton Farm, Scotland