cogent growth index (Cgi)

Cogent's latest proprietary index highlights sires whose progeny will achieve significantly higher early growth rates.

Today, beef semen accounts for about 49% of the semen sold into dairy farms, which results in a large proportion of calves born being beef cross dairy and go on to produce a good quality product for consumption. We call these beef on dairy calves.

Beef on dairy calves are usually sold straight from the dairy farm pre-weaning, therefore it is essential that calves are of a high quality and have achieved considerable liveweight gain before leaving the dairy farm. High quality calves have an increased saleability and are more desirable to integrated supply chain partnerships and other outlets.

Continuous measuring of weight and development of progeny by Cogent sires, has allowed us to quantify the animals’ growth and progressive gain leading to the development of our Cogent Growth Index (CGI).

CGI has been developed to capture that essential early growth in the animal's lifetime on the dairy farm. The dairy farmer who aims to sell the calf as soon as possible aims to get the best possible prices for their animal. Similarly, the calf buyer aims to purchase a high quality animal at a desired weight, for example 60kg at two weeks old.

Bulls with a high CGI scores highlight those animals with an early growth performance significantly higher than that of their Cogent contemporaries - we have given these bulls Elite CGI Status. These bulls can be identified by the following logo:

Calves of Elite CGI sires are better equipped to meet growth targets and deliver desired sales specifications. Enhancing your tools for genetic selection

See below our elite CGI sires:


Blackhaugh Lord Highdeal

Blackhaugh Reginald

Blackhaugh Barnaby

Blackhaugh Plato

British Blue

Kersey Orion

CBL Python

Old Stackyards Blues Power