Webinar: The Dairy Heifer - From Conception to Weaning

A must-attend event for anybody who wants to improve calf health, development and productivity on the farm, our webinar will explore everything from the ideal calf nutrition to fine tuning calf health, and tools and technology that can help you to make more informed breeding decisions.

We’ll be joined by a collection of experts who will be sharing their own advice and insights into improving efficiency on the farm. Don’t forget to register HERE

RUDOLPH LINDE: Global Business Development Manager, Cogent on informative breeding decisions for maximum genetic gain and increased profitability.

From growing up on a large-scale farming enterprise in South Africa, to spending 10 years working in the bovine genetics industry in New Zealand, to his role at Cogent, it’s fair to say that Rudolph Lunde has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to breeding.

He’ll be joining our webinar to share his insights on genetics, identifying heifers from a young age and selecting the most profitable breeding partners. We’re also looking forward to hearing him talk about future technologies that Cogent will be bringing to the market in the near future.

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