The NEW Spring 2021 Grazing catalogue has landed!

We are pleased to release our Spring 2021 Grazing catalogue! Highlights include;

  • The Current No.1 UK Available EBI Sire-Santry Lion King
  • The No.1 Fat Irish Holstein Friesian-Ballinard Components
  • New Irish Crossbred Bull-Coolnasoon Alvi
  • 14 out of 22 EBI Sires above €250 EBI
  • 14 sires offering more than 5 days off Calving Interval (EBI)
  • 30 out of 31 sires available in SexedULTRA 4M
  • 9 of these available in 4M High Purity
  • 5 New High Ranking EBI Sires

Cover Photo: Dam of Curra Salah

Available to download here:

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