Meet Cogent's Newest Bulls with Milking Daughters: Koepon OH Robin-Red & DG OH Donte

We’re thrilled to introduce you to two of Cogent’s newest bulls with milking daughters, Koepon OH Robin-Red and DG OH Donte!

Their daughters are making a name for themselves across the UK as they begin their production careers. Join us on a tour around the country to meet these remarkable daughters and the breeders who recognized their potential early on.


Robin-Red may not have official proof in the UK yet, but his daughters are already showcasing his genetic excellence. His ability to produce strong, productive animals with exceptional style and flair is evident throughout the country.

Tarshaw Robin Morag Red 3 VG85-2yr
Our first stop takes us to Ayrshire in the Scottish Lowlands, home to the renowned Tarshaw Herd owned by the Howie Family. Here, we meet Tarshaw Robin Morag Red 3, a stunning example of Robin-Red's prowess. Scoring VG85 as a two-year-old with a VG87 Mammary, Morag is from a rich cow family that includes bulls such as DG Brody and Hydaways Goldmine. With five generations of VG or EX, and now a Chase daughter added to this prestigious lineage, Morag’s future legacy looks incredibly promising.

Tarshaw Robin Morag Red 3

Wyredale Robin Trixie Red 9 VG86-2yr
Our next stop is in Lancashire, with the Atkinson Family. Their standout heifer, Wyredale Robin Trixie 9 Red, achieved an impressive VG86-2yr rating, with VG88 for Rump Structure and VG86 for Mammary. This accomplishment highlights Robin-Red's superior genetics.

Robin-Red currently has 28 classified daughters, with all but one scoring GP or higher. Remarkably, 40% of these daughters have scored VG85 or higher, further emphasizing the high calibre of animals he produces.

Wyresdale Robin Trixie 9 Red
Wyredale Robin Trixie 9 Red
Wyredale Robin Trixie 9 Red


Donte is another bull whose daughters are making waves across the UK and have been performing exceptionally well. As of late February, he had enough milking daughters to achieve a daughter-proven proof in April. Today, Donte boasts 89 classified daughters, with an impressive 82% scoring GP or higher.

Lymehouse Donte Polly VG85-2yr
Staying in Lancashire, we visit the Lymehouse Herd, owned by the Roper Family in the Ribble Valley. Their impressive heifer, Lymehouse Donte Polly, recently scored VG85-2yr, with an outstanding VG87 in Dairy Capacity and VG86 for Legs and Feet. Polly hails from a prestigious maternal line, tracing back to Butlersarms Saturn Polly Red 2, who achieved EX94 and received excellent scores four separate times from her third lactation score of EX91 in 2019.

Lymehouse Donte Polly
Lymehouse Donte Polly

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of Robin-Red and Donte’s daughters and look forward to seeing their continued success. Thank you to all the breeders who have supported these outstanding bulls. Stay tuned for more updates and stories from around the UK!


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