Dedicated to improving calf health, Cogent's new colostrum contains high levels of naturally sourced colostrum and is an energy rich, water soluble and fortified 700g single serving pack, which mixes up to 2 litres.

How they are fed in those first few hours and days after birth will be influenced greatly by feeding a good quality colostrum. By doing so; health, growth, and performance will be enhanced for the rest of their lives.

"It is designed for use in newborn cattle to help supply the nutrients essential for survival with the establishment of the calves' first immunity." explains Stuart Boothman, Managing Director for Cogent

Primestart Colostrum is a premium product produced with European derived, high health status ingredients, free from diseases such as TB, EBL, IBR, and Johnes as well as a nutritional feed for calves and formulated to replace maternal colostrum when there is little or no access to maternal colostrum from the heifer.

Primestart provides quality colostrum for when they need it most with essential nutrients and a high fat content at 21%.

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