March 2024 - New Bull Releases Offer Additional Diversity

Unveiling Cogent's latest genetic offerings, including a top £PLI bull and two new Ayrshire releases.

In our relentless pursuit of genetic solutions that elevate both profitability and sustainability, Cogent is excited to unveil a slew of new bulls this month. These offerings embody the cutting edge of genetic progress, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries.

Standing out among these releases is none other than Genosource Security. This exceptional bull has clinched the coveted title of being our highest £PLI release since the groundbreaking DG Peace. As we introduce Genosource Security, we invite our customers to embark on a journey of unparalleled genetic advancement with us.


Genosource Security is now available. Security, Upside x Renegade x Achiever, a high-ranking index bull, boasts impressive figures with £PLI876, +3123 TPI®, and NM$1154, securing his position among the top 10 bulls ranked on PLI. For those prioritizing high fat solids, along with excellent features in feet and legs, fertility, and udder health, Security is a valuable addition to any breeding program.

Security brings a robust pedigree matching any modern Holstein bull, tracing back to Westwood-HC Rudy Missy EX92. This esteemed family has produced bulls such as Supersire, Sid, Mogul, and Oak, to name a few.

Adding another dimension to his merits, Security stands out as one of the highest bulls available contract-free, excelling in both £PLI and TPI®. Don't miss the opportunity to incorporate Security's exceptional genetics into your breeding program. View Security's international credentials, here.

Genosource Security
Genosource Security - Photo Credit: Frank Robinson, Bred by Genosource.


Welcoming the latest addition to our Ayrshire sire lineup, Moloss. This bull boasts an impressive linear profile with +15 Conformation, +2886 LPI and positive production attributes. Hailing from the esteemed Marilie herd, Moloss is a descendant of Halogen x Reagen x Calimero, promising to sire stylish and functional daughters. Get ready for a new standard of excellence in breeding with Moloss.

Marilie Moloss - Photo Credit: Patty Jones, Bred by Marilie Ayrshires


Presenting a rare opportunity to introduce polled genetics and exceptional style to the Ayrshire breed, Moliere P (Caterpillar P x Pretzel x Reality) emerges from the same Quebec herd as Moloss. The impact that these two bulls bring to our Ayrshire lineup is immeasurable, and Moliere himself adds to this legacy with impressive genetic attributes, including +8 Conformation, +8 Feet & Legs, and a noteworthy NM$332. This represents a significant contribution to the advancement and diversification of Ayrshire genetics.


We're excited to present world-leading bulls to the UK market, offering valuable genetic solutions to our customers. Immediate inventory is available for all above bulls.

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