January 2024 - New Sire Release Tops TPI® Ranks

Will Barber talks through the release of more bulls to strengthen Cogent's genetic offering to customers, including the highest* TPI® sire available – OCD Fugleman Rad.

As part of our ongoing mission to provide genetic solutions that drive profitability and sustainability, Cogent is pleased to introduce several new bulls this month, offering our customers the latest in genetic progress. Notably, one of these releases is OCD Fugleman Rad, currently holding the distinction of being the highest available genomic bull on the Total Performance Index (TPI®).

, a Fugleman x Captain x Coffee descendant from the Rae family, is the son of OCD Captain Rae 63785, with roots tracing back to Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby EX90. Rad's genetic profile is impressive, boasting +3254 TPI®, NM$1233, and an impressive 2189 lbs of milk. In UK figures, this translates to £PLI850, 1.71 Type Merit, 2.01 Mammary, and +1056 kgs of milk.

We are excited about the potential Rad brings to enhance dairy herds, and we invite our customers to explore the benefits of incorporating his exceptional genetics into their breeding programs.

Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby VG85
6th Dam of Rad- Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby VG85 - Photo Credit: Beth Herges, Bred by Sandy-Valley Holsteins.


Introducing Cogent B Mirage, the latest addition to our lineup and a product of Cogent's own Holstein program. Noteworthy for enthusiasts of DGF Casmir, Mirage stands out as a rare son of this popular bull, offering an excellent combination of balance, health traits, and outcross genetics—specifically, he is Casimir x Einstein x Agronaut.

Mirage traces his ancestry to the Mirror family, with roots going back to Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror VG86. This family lineage has consistently produced some of the breed's hottest bulls and heifers, including notable names like Captain and Renegade.

Cogent B Mirage
Cogent B Mirage - Photo Credit: Jane Steel, Bred by Cogent Breeding.

I am delighted to introduce these world-leading bulls to the UK market, providing our customers with valuable genetic solutions. Both bulls are available with immediate inventory. Rad is part of the Legend program, granting customers early access to our best genetics and an opportunity to become part of our coveted Legends Breeding Programme.


*Highest available TPI® sire available over 16mo of age, as of 14/01/2024.

Total Performance Index, or TPI® is a registered trademark of Holstein USA.

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