High Component Genetics impress at Cogent

Cogent Breeding have once again proven that they have genetics for every farmer and farming system. April proof run has seen Cogent sires soar to the top of the ranking’s on a number of fronts, but it is the farmers who are breeding for high fat and protein to meet the needs of their milk contract that have the best range of sires to choose from.

“At 68% heritability, Fat and Protein percentages are the two most heritable traits you can select for” explains Andrew Holliday, Genetics Manager for Cogent. “If you get paid for components in your Milk contract, you need to be using high fat and protein bulls, and we are delighted to have a phenomenal range of bulls that offer just that”.

Milk buyers have been rewarding components more and more over the last few years in the UK, and demand for high component genetics has expectedly followed that trend. A typical manufacturing contract in the UK would reward 3.5 pence per litre (ppl) per 1% increase in the level of fat % and 3.8ppl per 1% increase in the level of protein over the base level. Milk producers can take advantage of these premiums by selecting for extreme bulls.

Cogent Zulu is an exciting new release sire at Cogent who offers 0.41% Fat and 0.24% Protein increases over the average population, whilst still improving Milk Yield (265kgs). That means that based on the standard manufacturing contract, over a 305-day lactation of 8600 litres, the Zulu daughters are expected to add an extra £201.84 in revenue per lactation, or an increase of 2.35 pence per litre in milk value.

Cogent is home to 4 out of the top 5 Fat % genomic sires, as well as 10 out of the top 15 protein % sires (including 5 of the top 6). “We have high component bulls to suit every system” continues Andrew, “From block calving, grazing genetics, to purebred Holsteins we really do have a great range, which means we can push forward farm profitability hard”

Customers looking to graze their cows in block calving herds will be delighted with Cogent’s high EBI grazing sires with bulls like Ballinard Components who is the No.1 Sire available on the Holstein base for both Fat% (0.62%) and Protein % (0.33%). “The name says it all with Components, he is the number 1 option for commercially focussed grazing farmers who are looking to push milk solids and fertility.” Says Andrew “Closely followed by Hanrahan Magnifico at No. 2 for both Fat and Protein % at an impressive 0.42% and 0.28% respectively.”

“Farm profitability is driven by putting the right type of cows in the right system, and we feel we have something for everyone, especially in the fat and protein department” concludes Andrew.

For more information on the Genetics available from Cogent, please visit www.cogentuk.com or call 0800 783 7258

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