Genosource CAPTAIN enters the proven £PLI rankings in pole position

After sustained presence at the top of the genomic £PLI rankings for the last couple of years, Genosource CAPTAIN enters the proven line-up for the first time at number one!

Adding 177 international daughters to his proof, CAPTAIN takes position #1 at £888 – a clear £169 ahead of second place.

CAPTAIN increased by 1 point for Type Merit, taking him to +1.19, and 1 point for Mammary, which is now +2.0. He also doubled his Legs and Feet score leaving him at +1.2. His Combined Fat and Protein of 79.2kg places him fifth in the proven rankings too.

He has also maintained his position as NO.1 TPI sire at +3243 and $1,258 Net Merit.

Click here for a closer look at Captain's proof.

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