Discover the Excellence of Captain Daughters: A Global Tour

In the world of bovine genetics, few names resonate with as much prestige and promise as Genosource Captain. Known for producing exceptional Holstein daughters, Captain has left an indelible mark across the globe. From the master breeders at Ferme Lactomont in Canada to the extensive herds at Genosource in the United States, and the innovative breeding programs in the United Kingdom, Captain daughters are redefining the standards of excellence in the dairy industry - join us as we highlight some daughters from around the world.


Starting in Quebec, Ferme Lactomont, a Master Breeder, showcases the elegance and productivity of their Captain daughters. Two standout heifers, Lactomont Captain Lutra and Lactomont Captain Lutin, both tracing their lineage back to Comestar Laurie Sheik VG88-CAN, exemplify modern Holsteins’ blend of style and production.

These heifers, with first lactation targets exceeding 11,000 kgs, have scored GP82-CAN and GP83-CAN respectively, demonstrating their exceptional quality.

Lactomont Captain Lutra GP82-CAN & Lactomount Captain Lutin GP83-CAN

Lactomont's herd includes 21 Captain heifers, all scoring GP or higher, with an average score of GP82-CAN. This consistency underscores the high standards maintained at Ferme Lactomont.


Genosource, the home of Captain himself, has integrated Captain extensively within their herd, boasting 321 daughters from the world's No.1 Proven TPI bull.

Genosource reports, "We hosted 32 tours this fall, and every group was impressed by our Captain daughters. Their high and wide rear udders, excellent teat placement, ideal size for our farm, and superb components consistently wowed our visitors."

These attributes ensure that Genosource’s Captain daughters continue to set the bar high in terms of quality and performance.

Three Captain Daughters at Genosource


In the UK, Captain daughters have been pivotal in Cogent Holstein’s breeding program, producing the next generation of world-leading sires. Notable examples include Boghill Glamour SS Carlin F GP84-2yr and Boghill Glamour SS Carlin O VG85-2yr, dams to bulls like Cartell, Avalanche, and Accelerate.

Boghill Glamour Captain SS Carlin F, purchased from the Boghill Glamour herd in Northern Ireland, scored GP84 as a two-year-old, reflecting her outstanding potential. Meanwhile, Boghill Glamour Captain SS Carlin O scored VG85 on her first evaluation at two years old. These remarkable heifers now reside in West Scotland, continuing to influence the breed’s future positively.

Boghill Glamour Captain SS Carlin F GP84, dam to a number of new bulls from Cogent
Boghill Glamour SS Captain O VG85, dam to Cogent B Accelerate

The global impact of Captain daughters is evident across various top-tier breeders, from Ferme Lactomont in Canada to Genosource in the United States and a number of breeders across UK and Europe. These exceptional heifers represent the pinnacle of modern Holstein breeding, blending style, production, and superior genetic potential.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow the journey and achievements of these remarkable daughters worldwide.


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