Dairy farmers invited to review true value of genetic investment

Dairy farmers are being invited to take advantage of a new breeding tool from Cogent that allows a true financial value of genetic investment to be calculated using individual farm records.

The Purity Calculator has been exclusively developed over the past twelve months by Cogent to offer dairy farmers the chance to find out the overall monetary gain of using different sires and different technologies, taking into account details from each herd such as conception rates, replacement rates, usage of sexed semen, cost per straw and genetic gain and calf values.

The calculator is able to provide accurate figures on the value of purity for individual farms. For example, based on 200 cows being serviced with Sexed Ultra4M, with a 40% conception rate, farms could gain an additional £1029.40 per year over a lower purity product.

“This is a bespoke service, open to all UK dairy farmers, that gives valuable information on the return of investment from genetics,” explains Ben Hogg, National Business Development Manager, Cogent. “UK dairy farmers invest thousands every year on genetics, and there is a need and desire, to find out more specific data for each farm business.

“Industry figures are useful but do not give a true reflection of individual farm circumstances. This tool allows data from each individual herd to be inputted, and a personalised report produced.

“A tool providing this level of information is long overdue and gives dairy farmers a much better understanding of the value of the genetics they are investing in. It will lead to more informed decisions of bull selection and, ultimately, a more profitable herd.”

Dairy farmers should call 0800 783 7258 to find out more or arrange a free Cogent consultation.

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