Quality you can count on

Redefine success with Cogent, where quality is not just a standard but a promise.

With almost 30 years experience, Cogent is at the forefront of bovine genetics.

We are committed to elevating the benchmarks for conventional semen, ensuring that each straw meets our stringent criteria for excellence. With a minimum of 20 million cells per straw, fortified by our innovative Ultraplus Media, we guarantee optimal cell integrity and performance.

Why choose cogent?

  • Unmatched Quality: Each straw of our conventional semen is meticulously prepared to ensure superior quality. Our industry-leading quality control processes are designed to meet and exceed expectations, providing you with consistently reliable products.
  • Ultraplus Media: Our advanced Ultraplus Media is crucial in maintaining the integrity and performance of the sperm cells. This proprietary medium ensures that every cell is protected and optimised for success, giving you the best possible outcomes.
  • Industry-leading Quality Control: We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control standards. Every product undergoes thorough testing and scrutiny to guarantee it meets our high standards of excellence. This dedication to quality means you can trust in the reliability of our products.
  • Proven Results: Our conventional semen has a track record of proven results, with a minimum of 20 million cells per straw. When you choose Cogent, you are investing in a product that delivers on its promises, helping you achieve unmatched results in your operations.

Cogent is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality conventional semen available. Our promise of quality extends beyond just meeting standards — we aim to redefine them. Experience the Cogent Difference and choose a partner committed to supporting your success with exceptional products.

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