Cogent Sires Impress this August Proof run

Genosource CAPTAIN continues to lead the line as the clear outright No. 1 PLI sire at £944 PLI. This bull has been a dominant force for 5 consecutive proof runs, and is making a huge impact on the Holstein breed.

Delta-LAMBDA is arguably the hottest bull on the planet currently, and following the August 2021 run, that wont be changing anytime soon. LAMBDA increased his PLI by almost 100 points to £624 PLI, with good increases for Milk (978kgs), CFP (65.8kgs), Fertility (3.7), whilst still having an incredible Type profile.

R2 D2 and DONTE both had exceptional days, with big increases on PLI. DONTE now boasts a PLI of £790 with increases for Milk (781kgs), CFP (76.5kgs), Fertility (4.7), Type Merit (1.73) and Mammary (1.93). R2 D2 increased to £768 PLI with 2 points on Type. R2 D2 added milk (751kgs) and maintained components (0.15%F and 0.13%P). These two Skywalker sons are two of the most balanced bulls on the market and look set to continue their popularity.

ALADDIN RED cemented his place as one of the most complete Proven Red Sires we have seen in the Red and White Breed. ALADDIN RED saw an increase in PLI up to £590 PLI, whilst also increasing for Type, Mammary, and Legs and Feet as he more than doubles the number of daughters in his proof. AMARETTO RED is the Number 1 Foot and Leg (2.87) sire amongst the Genomic bulls whilst having a phenomenal Type breakdown overall. AUGUSTUS P RED and ROBIN RED maintain their marketability with very little change, whilst DORAL RED ranks as the No. 2 Mammary sire amongst the Red Genomic Bulls. Lastly, but definitely not least, is SHIELD RED who is the No. 7 Type Holstein sire at 2.72.


Aladdin Red

The Polled bulls continue to be a key part of the Cogent offering and DYNAMITE PP continues to lead the line as the No.2 PP PLI Sire at £724 PLI. The DYNAMITE PP calves are hitting the ground already and are really impressing, which should see this bull continue his popularity in the UK market. SPICY PP remains a very complete sire with exceptional Protein (0.12%), and a very nice Type profile following an increase in Type and Mammary composites. A2P2 PP is now the No.1 PP Type and Mammary sire in the breed with increases of over half a point for all 3 Type composites. DEBUT PP also had a good proof run, with increases for PLI (£628), Milk (438kgs) , Components (0.02%F and 0.06%P), and Fertility (10.3).

For those that are looking for Proven Sires, we have 4 new Proven bulls within the Line Up. New addition Farnear TBR Delta JOLT looks set to tick a lot of boxes for the UK customers with £599 PLI, 538kgs Milk and 0.14% Fat combined with really impressive Health traits (159 LS, 8 Fertility and -13 SCC). JOLT has a really nice Type profile (1.81 TM) offering low Stature, Strength and exceptional Udders. Early Production proofs for PACO, RAPID and SCORE further bolster our Proven roster, with all 3 meeting or excelling their genomic predictions.

Some new bulls are joining the portfolio, with a wide variety on offer. Nortonhill SUMERIAN is a really strong addition at £833 PLI, 0.27% Fat, 10.6 Fertility and 2.2 Type Merit. Wiltor COSMO is an exciting King Doc son that traces back to the same line as the UK National Show Champion, Wiltor Silver Centerpiece EX95. COSMO combines £608 PLI with exceptional Type and Health traits and has widespread appeal. Cogent ZINGER and ZODIAC are brothers to ZULU and are well rounded bulls that excel that offer high components, moderate stature with added strength. Cogent CARSON is the new No.1 ECOFEED sire in the Cogent and ST programmes at 115, whilst still offering £714 PLI, huge fat (0.18%F), great health traits (146 LS, 9.8 Fertility and -20SCC) and phenomenal udders (+2.53).

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