Cogent Breeding launches PrecisionCOW with Nedap

Cogent Breeding, a leading breeding technology and cattle genetics company in the UK, and Nedap, a global leader in dairy herd management technology, have started a new partnership and are launching PrecisionCOW.

PrecisionCOW is the latest addition to the Cogent Precision product portfolio. It helps dairy farmers run a more productive and profitable business and gain peace of mind. This state-of-the-art technology, developed and powered by Nedap, accurately monitors the fertility, health and location of each cow 24 hours a day. It provides the insights needed to make informed decisions. The market-leading solution has proven itself worldwide and is known for its reliability and innovation.

High quality and innovative solution to help drive genetic gain and profits on farm

Ben Hogg, National Business Development Manager for Cogent, says “Cogent are continuing to drive new product developments and improvements to our processes, one of the ways we are doing this within our Precision service in the UK is by supplying a high-quality herd heat and health detection service through PrecisionCOW. Supplying the best products to our customers further illustrates our commitment to driving genetic gain and therefore profits on farm. We are pleased to work with Nedap due to their track record for quality health and management systems for farmers.”

“Advanced herd monitoring and management technology has become a vital element for successful dairy farms across the UK and the entire globe,” says Bas Driessen, Business Development Manager for Nedap Livestock Management. “Our reliable, innovative and integrated monitoring system leads the way in helping dairy farmers become more profitable and successful. It is easily harnessed to provide essential heat, health, nutrition and location insights to control each cow and the entire herd. Nedap is proud to add Cogent Breeding to its valued distributor network of leading UK and international dairy industry companies, says Driessen. “Both Cogent and Nedap are committed to empowering the dairy industry and providing farmers a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable future, making this partnership an excellent fit.”

Chance to try

Cogent are giving new customers the chance to try out the product before signing up, Ben Hogg explains: “We will be offering farmers the chance to take on the new tags for a trial run before committing to purchasing to demonstrate the value of this product.”


For more information on the PrecisionCOW heat and health detection system, visit or contact us on 0800 783 7258

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