Cogent Adds Elite Wagyu Genetics Through Collection and Distribution Agreement with Wyndford Wagyu

We are pleased to have entered into an exclusive collection and distribution agreement with Wyndford Wagyu, adding elite Wagyu genetics to our lineup and expanding Wyndford Wagyu’s reach to new locations globally.

Wyndford Wagyu boasts the largest Full-Blood Wagyu herd in the UK. With collaboration from globally leading Wagyu breeders, over the past five years they have meticulously developed a genetically elite foundation herd. The herd has grown to include more than 440 Full-Blood Wagyu cattle and 180 Holstein recipients.

Known for its extensive DNA collection and progressive use of BREEDPLAN EBVs, Wyndford Wagyu consistently generates genetics that produce cattle within the top 1% of the breed worldwide. 75% of its herd is above average for the Self Replacing Index (SRI), with 7% of its herd in the top 8% of the breed.

Wyndford improves its sires using data collection and genetic programmes, such as the Australian Wagyu Association-Progeny Test Program (AWA-PTP). With a focus on quality over quantity, Wyndford takes pride in delivering products of the highest calibre. Driven by ethics and sustainability, they champion responsible and regenerative farming and abide by rigorous welfare standards.

Their Wagyu cattle are reared in Shropshire, each receiving personalised attention, with a focus on gentle and respectful handling. Each animal is named, DNA tested and registered for traceability.

Wyndford Wagyu

Through this exclusive agreement, Cogent will add high-end genetics to its already exclusive portfolio of premium beef sires. Wyndford Wagyu genetics will be available as a Full-Blood option in the Signature Beef range or for the F1 market through the Beef Impact range. Cogent will also be on hand to help enhance the Wyndford Wagyu marketing efforts.

"We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Wyndford Wagyu, which enables us to bring world-leading Wagyu genetics directly to our clients. Offering access to the genetics of some of the most exceptionally performing Wagyu bulls globally underscores our dedication, enhancing the quality and performance of beef production across the board." - Boomer Birch, Cogent Beef Programme Manager.

With Cogent taking on the collection of semen, Wyndford Wagyu will be able to utilise pioneering sexed semen technology. Ultraplus technology will allow for high conception rates with significant gender accuracy. Wyndford Wagyu genetics will be available as both female and male sexed semen.

“We are excited to enter into this partnership with Cogent Breeding. Having worked tirelessly over the past 6 years to produce an Elite Wagyu herd, this new partnership is not only immense recognition for our achievements, but also an opportunity for us to take the next step on our Wagyu Venture!” – Jess Edwards, Wyndford Wagyu Commercial Director

With this exciting collaboration finalised, be sure to keep your eye on the release of a selection of new Wagyu sires.

To see how the Cogent Difference can enhance your business, please contact your local genetic consultant, or call 0800 783 7258.

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