CAPTAIN leads the £PLI rankings once again

It has been another successful proof run with Cogent remaining strong in the rankings, and once again leading the way for profitability.

Genosource CAPTAIN reclaims his position in the top spot with a PLI of £950, making him £22 clear of second position. CAPTAIN has also improved for Fertility Index (+10.2) and Direct Calving Ease (+0.7). CAPTAIN also takes the lead for the EnviroCow index at +4.8 – daughters are predicted to produce less greenhouse gas emissions per kg of milk they produce over their lifetime.

Cogent had a successful day with three genomic bulls in the top 10 for £PLI, as well as CAPTAIN, this included two new entries, Cogent Koepon ROCKY (eighth) and Genosource Capn MCGUIRE (10th).

Cogent Koepon ROCKY

Cogent also takes credit for three of the top five genomic Mammary sires, including Siemers Lambda HANIKO (third) and Mr Aija Ax HATCHET (fifth).

But it is Eclipse PERENNIAL who takes up pole position at +3.73. This is the result of a suite of excellent mammary trait scores including +3.94 for Fore Udder Attachment, +3.48 for Rear Udder Height and +3.03 for Udder depth.

Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL takes up 8th on the international daughter proven bull PLI list at +£690 having also increased his Fertility Index from +5.9 to +9 after adding 150 daughters to his proof.

Farnear Delta LAMBDA also placed ninth on the international daughter proven Type Merit rankings, and sixth on the UK list, after adding over 100 UK daughters to his proof.

The reformulation of £PLI has been kind to Drouner K&L CHASE this proof run who has seen a lift from +£727 to +£751. He has also increased in Type merit (+1.88) and Fertility Index (+10.7).


CEH MUSIC added to his PLI by £15 to reach +£742, again this was paired with a lift in Fertility Index of over two points to +8.7. MUSIC’s PTA for TM also went from +1.69 to +1.92.

Cogent ZULU also moved to first place in the genomic rankings for Protein percentage at +0.41%.

Climbing by £9 PLI is EDG RUBICON who added over 300 daughters to his proof, and his Fertility Index also improved by over one point.

SQ STAPLE saw a rise in his PLI from £754 to £770.

Hul-Steins COWBOY also added almost £20 to his PLI to reach +£811.

3RD Dam - Anderstrup DG Calico VG86

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