Bull Classification Update - Robin & Augustus

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and quality, we've been actively involved in putting our bulls up for classification, collaborating closely with NBDC and breed societies.

Today, we're delighted to unveil the classification results of two remarkable Cogent bulls: Koepon Robin-Red and Drouner K&L Augustus P Red. Join us as we showcase their excellence alongside other distinguished members of our lineup, including DG NH Arrow, DG Blackburn, and EBA Davinci.


Koepon Robin-Red

The daughter tours conducted nationwide have provided compelling evidence of Robin-Red's consistent ability to sire offspring characterised by exceptional width and outstanding rump structures, along with an innate capacity to produce milk effortlessly. This remarkable trait is underscored by his classification result, notably scoring EX93 in rump structure, which significantly contributes to his overall score of EX92.


Drouner K&L Augustus P Red

Augustus has recently achieved an international proof with his daughters in Switzerland this April. His remarkable ability to enhance dairy character, capacity, and legs and feet consistently throughout his offspring is clearly evident in both his proof and his classification score. Notably, he exhibits an impressive dairy character, reaching an EX94 rating, which significantly contributes to their final score of EX93.


Moorshard Arrow Tellar 4010

Arrow continues the legacy of his mother (AL-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 EX95) by achieving an exceptional score of EX95, placing him among the elite bulls in history. Demonstrating himself as a modern type sire, Arrow imparts superior udders to his daughters, while also showcasing a harmonious blend of strength and dairy character. His ability to strike this balance highlights his significance as a sire of contemporary excellence.


Davinci daughters at Anderstrup Holsteins, DK

Davinci embodies the qualities many breeders worldwide have eagerly awaited. He consistently transmits production with solids, along with positive fitness traits, all while maintaining exceptional balance. Davinci enhances his progeny with added power and strength, characterized by correct rumps, width, and tremendous udders. This is underscored by his impressive classification score, where both dairy capacity and dairy character contribute to a final rating of EX95.

Furthermore, his son - DG Blackburn - achieving a score of VG87 is a remarkable achievement for a young bull, further demonstrating Davinci's ability to pass on his desirable traits to the next generation.

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