Givendale Sportsman S191

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Givendale Nemesis N294
  • Dam: Givendale N237
  • MGS: Givendale Lorenzo L209
  • Ear Tag: UK142911103393
  • AI Code: ST0962


This Homozygous Polled bull displays exceptional muscling and easy fleshing ability. Sportsman is a very promising young red son of the proven Givendale Nemesis with the renowned Givendale Lorenzo his maternal grand sire. He is ideal for use on heifers with a Calving Value of +4. Adding to this, Sportsman is a great option for a carcase trait improver with a Beef Value of +44 (top 1%) and a Muscle Depth Score of +5.5 (top 1%). Complementing all this Sportsman also ranks in the top 1% for Maternal Production Value making him an excellent all-rounder. (July 2017 information)

Boomer Birch - Beef Programme Manager