Pine-Tree Disco Bubba is set to make his impact on the Jersey breed

We are delighted to announce one of the Jersey breeds most exciting sires is coming to the UK market soon. Exclusively available in SexedULTRA 4M, Pine-Tree Disco Bubba is set to make his impact on the breed.

Bubba is one of the breeds highest ranking JPI sires that is free from “JX”, and the “brackets” that go with it. He is an extreme udder improver at 35.7 JUI making one of the most complete sires on the market. Looking to his UK figures, Bubba again uniquely combines Type and production with great health traits. He is £299 PLI, 241kgs Milk and offers exceptional components at +0.09% Fat and +0.06% Protein. For Type he is 1.4 Type Merit, and again offers exceptional mammary systems at +1.9 with well attached udders both fore and rear looking like they will be a key feature of this bull. The last part of the jigsaw is health traits, and again Bubba offers the complete package being an improver for Lifespan, Fertility and Somatic Cell counts.

Bubba is sired by Oakland Dazzler Disco, himself a high-ranking sire and from one of the breeds elite young cows in Cinnamon Ridge Method Bulgaria GP83 2yr. This young cow is not only an exceptional transmitter with many sons in AI studs all over the world, but she has completed her first lactation, having calved at 1yr 9 months, with over 6200kgs at 7% Fat and 5% Protein. Method Bulgaria looks set to continue to develop as she gets older, further supporting the excitement that surrounds the release of Bubba.

This bull looks like he is going to make a significant impact on the Jersey breed and will be available exclusively from Cogent in the most advanced Sexed in on the market, SexedULTRA 4M, where conception rates can rival that of conventional semen.

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