Sire selection can be made easy by HERDMATE PLUS.

HERDMATE PLUS selects sires which meet your individual breeding objectives. Cows to be mated are each inspected and scored on 24 linear traits including somatic cell count, milking speed and temperament which build up an assessment of each individual cow.

Inbreeding is addressed by taking into account the parentage of each mating.

We can eliminate the problems caused in your herd from recessive genes for example C.V.M or Blad. C.V.M and BLAD cause embryonic death and calf mortality and therefore are likely to reduce your overall margins.

It is the combination of all these factors with your individual breeding goals that enable us to find you the best bull to create and build the next generation

Benefits include:

  • Saving time
  • Increasing herd uniformity
  • Reduction in inbreeding
  • Maximising cow longevity
  • Control of genetic recessive genes

HerdMate is a paper mating achieved by genetically profiling your cows, both on type and production traits, based on their linear sire stack. This is available for milk recorded producers only. Inbreeding and recessive genetics are also taken into consideration.

Delivering you the most for your money!

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