Precision REPRO

Precision REPRO is the complete reproductive solution delivering next generation, optimum herd performance.

Consistency, accuracy and cutting edge technology combine to increase herd productivity and farm profits. Highly trained Precision REPRO specialists join your team. Exceptionally skilled in analysing MooMonitor+ data, and in all fertility management areas.

Package includes


The latest in health and fertility monitoring for your herd.

Precision DNA

A revolutionary genotyping service designed with your herd in mind.

Precision MATCH

Actively manage genetic recessives & minimise inbreeding.

Precision DATA

Cloud based system that harnesses the wealth of data available on farm.

“Combining Precision & SexedULTRA 4M means that I can reduce the number of bull calves, drive heifer numbers, tick all the boxes for our milk contract and produce a consistent animal"

Rodney Down - Higher Wrantage Farm

We were getting just 19% pregnancy rate and now with MooMonitor+ we're running much higher at 26%

Dave Craven Grosvenor Farms

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