Precision DNA provides the ultimate in female genomic testing for dairy farmers.

Genomic information is invaluable in selection; its availability for females will allow the identification of those individuals which will make a lasting contribution to the profitability of your herd. Precision DNA uses the latest in scientific technologies, with results expertly interpreted by your local breeding advisor, this means you are making the most informed decision available for your herd.

Package includes

Precision DNA

A revolutionary genotyping service designed with your herd in mind.

Precision MATCH

Actively manage genetic recessives & minimise inbreeding.

Having access to genomic information is helpful, as genomic data identifies the best performing animals before they calve. This also ensures only the best are retained, whereas in the past some of these may have been unknowingly sold.

John Sprackman Pound House Farm

I tested twin heifers and to my amazement there was a staggering 280kg difference in their milk productions

Ed Seaton Cheshire

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