#SiredByCogent Springhill La La

Springhill LA LA is certainly one of the stand out British Blue sires in our Beef-on-Dairy portfolio putting a unique stamp on every calf born! His calves are consistently white with black noses, and are proving to be a hit with both customer's and buyer's in the UK.
"La La is by far the most fertile beef bull we have ever used! The calves are solid and consistent with short gestation's that grow quickly! " 340 cow dairy, Cheshire.

✅ 279 day Gestation Length

✅ 98.1% Calving Ease

✅ 97.5% Calf Quality

✅ £87.60 CBI

✅ Available in Male SexedULTRA 4M™

For more information on La La visit our website - https://bit.ly/2FyZmIx

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