PrecisionDNA launch new product updates

PrecisionDNA provides the ultimate in female genomic testing for dairy farmers.

Cogent are continuously working to improve its services through research and development to get the best possible product for their customers. As an essential part of Cogent’s Ultimate Breeding Strategy, PrecisionDNA has undergone such developments whilst keeping competitive on price compared to other genomic testing services and not faltering on quality.

PrecisionDNA now offers a wider range of markers than the average industry standard chip, being able to identify milk proteins , fertility and also various other negatively associated markers which are becoming increasingly important to dairy farmers in order to continuously deliver increased genetic gains. Having a wide array of markers also allow farmers access to higher reliability, which ensure more accurate selection decision making.

Rudolph Linde (Cogent Business Development Manager) explains “We have been able to bring the most advanced chip technology to the UK market, which provides a level of detail and reliability producers haven’t been able to access before. In practice, this means they will not only receive the full breakdown of each animal’s predicted transmitting ability (PTA), but the current test will also identify most economically important markers.”

PrecisionTAG is the new service in the Precision suite, Cogent’s Tag and Test is a two in one service that allows you to test for BVD as well as genomic testing while you tag your calves.

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