PrecisionCOW success on UK dairies highlighted in upcoming NEDAP testimonials

The strength of Cogent and NEDAP Livestock Management's partnership was once again highlighted in recent visit of the NEDAP marketing team to the UK.

Day one saw a visit to Grosvenor's 2600 head dairy at Lea Manor Farm. Dairy Manager David Craven, gave insightful views on the Smart Tag technology's significant impact on enhancing farm efficiencies, and allowing streamlined data-driven decision-making. The Cow Locating aspect of the technology has been a key advantage to the adoption of the NEDAP technology, with David highlighting the ability to identify individuals within large groups on mobile devices leading to improved labour efficiencies.

The day closed at Grosvenor's Edgerley Farm, where Nigel Travers highlighted the Health Monitoring function improving strategic decisions on the bespoke transition cow unit. Nigel is able to closely monitor each cow's behavior and rumination 24/7 and compare it to established standards and protocols set up by the farm. This proactive approach has enabled Nigel to detect even the slightest changes or anomalies early on, facilitating timely intervention and preventing potential health issues from escalating before the animal rejoins the milking herd.

Day two saw the team travel north to Breakneck Farms, Preston where farm partner Phil Smith showcased the early impact the technology has had on the daily operation of their block calving herd. Attendees heard a firsthand account of the improved accuracy of heat detection compared to previous technology, alongside the ability for Precision Cow to give the staff peace of mind when making breeding decisions. Whilst the application of the technology at Breakneck was in its infancy, Phil highlighted the brilliant support that Cogent have provided from installation to daily operations, with Dickie Baines, Northern Area Sales Manager always a phone call away for advice or support with the system.

These real-life experiences demonstrated how Smart Tags are revolutionizing UK farms. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming video testimonial releases...

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