NEW No.1 sire in the breed: KERSEY LINCHPIN

Introducing an exciting new bull within the British Blue breed, with a 277 day gestation length LINCHPIN is the shortest proven, progeny tested and published sire in the UK.

Providing you with a potential financial saving of £11,705/ year by using a sire who is on average three days shorter on gestation length compared to the average Cogent Beef Impact sire.

In the typical scenario of :

A 500 cow herd that has an average milk yield of 8,500 litres 27.86 litres/day @ 0.28 = £7.80/ day x 3 day (shorter gestation) = £23.41 x 500 cows = £11,705 per year

Linchpin boasts the following credentials...

Gestation (days) – 277

Calving Ease (%) – 99.0

Average actual Birth Weight (kg) - 41

Average actual Birth Weigh at 4 weeks (kg) - 56.75

Calf Quality (%) – 93.5

Calf Colour (%) – 94.0

This is a bull to get excited about!

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