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Super sires: a phenomenon that we come across in Holstein breeding from time to time, among the very big names. These Holstein sires are so unique and superior in terms of their transmitting ability that the sons have great difficulty surpassing their sire. They already have the best possible dams. For years they search for sons that can significantly surpass their sire, but most remain in their sire's shadow. That is now the case with the magnificent EDG Rubicon from ST Genetics. It started already in December 2014 when he claimed the No.1 position amongst the DNA-tested sires in the US, with 2718 gTPI. As mentioned, at that time it was purely DNA-testing with zero daughters in his idex. Exactly five years later, this same Rubicon has an index of 2743 TPI, based on 5,862 milking daughters, an index that i virtually a copy of the one from five years earlier! Reports from the field underscore his impressive figures: Dairy farmers everywhere are extremeley satisfied with the Rubicon daughters, and Rubicon still holds a notable sixth position on the TPI list. His ranking has placed him in the absolute top since 2017 - in August and December 2018 he led the list. The demand for Rubicon semen thus remains very strong, reports Patrice Simard from STg.

The world's highest mogul son... with 5,862 daughters.

With 2,743 TPI, Rubicon is the world's highest Mogul son, followed by Delta and Yoder with 2709 and 2646 TPI respectively. Rubicon's dam is Sandy-Valley Ruby EX-90, A Robust daughter of the phenomenal brood cow. Sandy-Valley Sapphire VG-87 (<Planet). Sapphire herself is the dam of the much used lota son Sandy Valley Saloon (2485 TPI) with 8,247 daughters.

Back to Rubicon, now in his role as a sire of sons, and now the proud sire of five promising sons. The world's most well-known, modern brood cow was neccessary to create a son that would end up higher than Rubicon himself. That is Mr Rubicon Dynamo, who scores 41 TPI points higher (2784) than his sire, making him Rubicon's highest son and give him No.3 position on the TPI ranking. It must be mentioned that he has just 31 daughters - so we need to wait to see whether he can stay ahead of his sire with more daughters.

Dynamo's dam is sublime Miss OCD Robst Delicious, who is also the dam of Dynasty and full brother of Dynamo. Dynasty does not have any daughters in his index yet, Even so, he is already famous, and that is because of his sky high son Mr Dynasty Nashville (2868 gTPI) who has been the absolute top bull on the DNA ranking for a long time.

As we continue with Rubicon's sons, next is Mr Dds Rubi-Haze, Mr Rubi-Agronaut (the British DNA leader for a long time) and Hartford Rubi-Taz.

What quality, what a proud sire! All present together in the barns of an equally proud owner, ST Genetics. Of course, we will hear much more about the phenomenon of Rubicon in the coming years.






EDG Rubicon





Hartford Rubi-Taz





Mr Rubi-Agronaut





Mr Dds Rubi-Haze





Mr Rubicon Dynamo





Mr Rubicon Dynasty





Written by: Jan Bierma - Holstein International - February Issue

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