Cogent launch new herd genetic audit software, PrecisionMAP

Cogent breeding have launched a new addition to their ever evolving Precision offering, PrecisionMAP. Cogent’s ground-breaking research and development into new technology has led to creating a product that has huge benefit to dairy farmers hoping for not only survival during trying times but success and profitability. The system is a unique software which displays in-depth herd data, simplified for ease of use and ultimately Identifies potential genetic gain. By producing an extensive data analysis of each individual cows’ performance and benchmarked against the farms actual milk revenue, it ranks the herd using a financial custom index that incorporates all the factors that affect farm profitability.

Comprising of the following, all on a herd specific basis. An animal performance summary, showing your monetary trends by lactation along with a sire performance summary, detailing the usage of each sire along with sire performance. Production traits show milk and component trends while health and fertility trends are detailed in another slide. Lifespan and lactation trends are shown under the functionality data, all bespoke to the individual herd and benchmarked against current milk contract information. From this data, the ultimate breeding strategy- sexed and beef can be implemented, this tool is used to rank cows on genetic merit and allocate advanced sexed semen product SexedULTRA 4M to breed replacement heifers and conventional beef impact semen on the rest of the herd. After this, a financial return can be viewed which includes a sexed semen calculator as well as ROI on genetic gain. Finally, PrecisionMAP includes a sire selector with adjustable criteria enabling you to find the right bulls for you and an animal selector which lists animals and their genetic value.

“PrecisionMAP is a customised herd audit which shows genetic trends and a tool to help you plan for the future. It allows you to select your best genetics in the herd to use alongside a sexed and beef strategy, by selecting the top-quality animals to breed replacements from and allocating beef semen to the rest to gain more value from each calving. We aim to make waves in how breeding is managed on farm” Says Andrew Holliday, Genetic Product Manager for Cogent “This new technology allows our customers to breed cows that make them money based on the exact components of their milk contract, optimising the return from the genetics they are introducing into the herd.”

For more information on PrecisionMAP contact your Cogent rep or call 0800 783 7258.

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