Esgair Uchelwr (Nobleman)

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Leachman 18 Karat
  • Dam: RMP Bankroll
  • MGS: LCOC Total Package
  • Ear Tag: UK710424/300571
  • AI Code: ST0957


Uchelwr carries an exceptional set of EBVs, with £19,245 profit index ranking him in the top 5% of the breed. His proven pedigree and outstanding phenotype, would suggest this bull will produce small born progeny that grow quickly displaying exceptional efficiency. Uchelwr also ranks in the top 1% of the breed for IMF and for Finisher Index. These outstanding terminal figures are also supported by a positive Milk and Calving Ease figure suggesting this bull will be perfect for producing both finishing cattle and heifer replacements.

Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager