Snipe House UFO

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Leachman Cadillac L025A
  • Dam: RMP Stabilizer 3184
  • MGS: LCOC Total Package
  • Ear Tag: UK106902/212807
  • AI Code: ST0948


He is the second of the Cadillac sons, UFO and Ukulele are full sibs and as such have an excellent pedigree from the successful Leachman Cadillac.
UFO is the bull that offers it all – Low birthweight, good growth ratees, excellent fertility, good carcass traits all topped off with great feed efficiency measures. This bull will perform well for anyone, if you are wanting to use one bull to produce female replacements and fatten the males, then UFO cannot be passed over.

Seth Wareing, Business Manager SCC