Snipe House Ukulele

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Leachman Cadaillac L025A
  • Dam: RMP Stabilizer 3184
  • MGS: LCOC Total Package
  • Ear Tag: UK106902/112799
  • AI Code: BB0441


He is the first of the Cadillac sons, Ukulele and UFO are full sibs and as such have an excellent pedigree from the successful Leachman Cadillac. Ukulele is a true cow maker, this bull produces low birthweight calves, and as such he is ideal for using on heifers. They will grow into a moderate sized cow, perfect if you are looking at bring down mature cow weight. He has a good scrotal size which relates to female fertility, and will produce animals that fatten easily and hold body condition. This is also combined with excellent feed efficiency measures making Ukulele an excellent option for creating the next generation of suckler cows.

Seth Wareing, Business Manager SCC