Givendale Black Va Va Voom

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Leachman Courageous S278C
  • Dam: LCOC Lakina BS140
  • MGS: Hooks Yakima
  • Ear Tag: UK142911 204045
  • AI Code:


This is a son of the powerful Leachman Courageous. He is a top 1% bull that is a 5* for weaning and a 4* for finishing, a great all-round bull. This bull is a true cow maker, but his male offspring will also offer great performance . He has exceptionally low birth weights making him ideal for use on heifers. His calves will grow well and hit target specs, all heifers retained for developing a herd will be moderately sized, with good fertility that hold body condition. If you want to produce a herd of profitable cows, that can be outwintered you will be hard-pressed to find a better bull than BLACK VA VA VOOM. This bull is Homozygous black and polled.

Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager