Netherhall 1 Jack P602

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Wirruna Jack J12
  • Dam: Netherhall Oz Tigress
  • MGS: Wirruna
  • Ear Tag: UK103719 602602
  • AI Code: H9322


Jack was a standout bull from day one displaying exceptional muscle definition and outstanding width over his loin. This is also supported by his breed leading EBVs with both Eye Muscle Area and Retail Beef Yield in the top 1% of the breed. Jack also carries a Calving Ease direct figure of +4.5 placing him in the top 5% of the breed. These exciting Australian genetics will deliver the much sought after calving ease without sacrificing any calf quality. Expect low birth weights with short gestation's and exceptional development.

Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager