Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy M024

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Wirruna Daffy D1
  • Dam: Wirruna Last Day E163 (P)
  • MGS: Wirruna Vickery
  • Ear Tag: UK103719202024
  • AI Code: H9375


"Full of genetic potential, Daffy has a pedigree packed with well proven bloodlines to produce easy-calving cattle that grow quickly and also yield well. He carries a Calving Ease Direct of +5.2 and Birth Weight of +0.8. Both Terminal and Self Replacing Indexes in the top 5% and a Eye Muscle Area of +3.8, Daffy is sure to produce small, easily born yet vigorous calves with short gestation's" (September 2017 information)

Boomer Birch - Beef Programme Manager

Production summary

  • Terminal Index +36 (Breed Avg +24)
  • Self Rep. +44 (Breed Avg +29)
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