Gouldingpol 1 Goldspice

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Panmure 1 Henry
  • Dam: Barwise 1 Rambling Rosie 2267
  • MGS: Barwise 1 Wellington ET
  • Ear Tag: IE191198 930827
  • AI Code: H9333


Seeing is believing with this exceptional sire! This bull displays excellent phenotypic qualities, with a loin like no other. His thickness and depth carry over his top and down through his second thigh. His sire Panmure 1 Henry is an exceptional, proven, easy calving sire who has sired a record priced son sold at public auction. Panmure 1 Henry has also achieved National Hereford sire of the year. Gold Spice carries 5 star rankings for Terminal and Maternal breeding values on the ICBF System not only within the Hereford breed but across all breeds, making him one of a kind.

Boomer Birch - Beef Programme Manager