Whitecliffe James

Signature Beef

  • Sire: Blelack Digger
  • Dam: Whitecliffe Emma
  • MGS: Mowbraypark Paramount
  • Ear Tag: UK122919200650
  • AI Code: CH4130


James displays great muscle development and width. Sired by the easy calving 'Blelack Digger', we expect this bull to produce calves with great conformation and muscle development, whilst maintaining small born calves with low birth weights. In addition, this great young bull carries two copies of the F94L 'profit' gene. James comes with a great set of EBVs with Calving Ease Direct , Gestation Length, Birth Weight and Eye Muscle Area all within the top 5% of the breed. Another exciting addition to our Charolais line-up (October 2017 information).

Boomer Birch - Beef Programme Manager

Production summary

  • Terminal Index + 53 (Breed Avg +41)
  • Self Rep + 51 (Breed Avg +38)
Pedigree information EBV information
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