Newpole Nice One

Beef Visions

  • Sire: Newpole Icon
  • Dam: Renouee de St Fontaine
  • MGS: Odilon Van Perenhof
  • Ear Tag: UK 344206300202
  • AI Code: BB1739


Nice one is the first son to enter the programme from our proven sire ‘’Newpole Icon’’ . Icon was a heavily proven sire that produced a good quality without sacrificing any gestation length or calving ease. His dam Renouee was an outstanding female purchased from Belgium for the Newpole herd. Her pedigree carries proven bulls that consistently transmit muscle and growth to their progeny. Nice one offers an exciting combination of UK and Belgian genetics. We expect this bull to provided light blue roan calves that display real quality from birth.

For Commercial Use Only

Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager