Blackhaugh Lord-Ham

Beef Visions

  • Sire: Blackhaugh Ideal N369
  • Dam: Blackhaugh Lady Heather M240
  • MGS: Blackhaugh Refocus
  • Ear Tag: UK562121 201716
  • AI Code: AA1596


Blackhaugh Lord Ham is a very exciting bull to add to our Beef on Dairy team. His impressive calving ease EBV of +4.1 and his Birth weight figure of -0.2 rank this bull in the top 5% of the breed. His sire ‘’Blackhaugh Ideal’’ has consistently produced progeny that display low birth weights with outstanding growth rates. Lord Ham carries 200, 400 and 600 day growth EBVs in the top 5% of the breed. We expect this bull to be a calving ease specialist with the added value of good calf quality and progeny that show quick growth from birth.

Boomer Birch, Beef Programme Manager